CEO & President Receives The Greater North Fulton Chamber Business of Excellence Award

Tracey Grace Receives Award from Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce

The Greater North Fulton Chamber hosted the Verizon Women INfluencing Business Awards Luncheon on October 26, 2021, where IBEX’s very own CEO and President, Tracey Grace, received the Business Woman of Excellence Award! This prestigious award honors what GNFCC defines as a woman who transforms plans into action, obstacles into opportunities, and challenges into success. Grace is one who motivates her colleagues to bring their best performance and mentors emerging talent.  She is a visionary who brings innovative ideas into action in the workplace and community. Most of all, she is a tenured leader in her industry who inspires other women across our region.

In acknowledgement of GNFCC and their unwavering contributions, Grace shared,“The GNFCC Chamber has been an excellent home for IBEX since we joined about seven years ago. They have different programming geared towards all businesses at every level of the journey, and now that we have joined the chairman’s circle, we are looking to strategically engage and give back! So excited about the new direction and leadership of Kali.”

Strategically engaging and giving back, is a commitment that GNFCC can count on Grace to stay true to.

Since the launch of IBEX IT Business Experts in 2012, Grace has never lost sight of what she wanted to accomplish with her minority woman-owned small business. Her vision resides in expanding diversity—essential in the workplace— in order to achieve true innovation. Within every engagement she leads with passion, intellect, intention, and expertise—all characteristics that innovate IBEX and define what it means to be a Business Woman of Excellence. Congratulations Tracey!

View the Women INfluencing Business Award Luncheon Photos Here!

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