Supplier Diversity in 2023 – Now What?

Supplier Diversity in 2023 – Now What?   The ongoing discussion about closing the gap on the many disparities that exist in our world has dominated the airwaves in the wake of recent court rulings and political outcomes regarding race and class. The one constant in today’s discourse seems to be division, with voters – … Read more

No Time for ‘Diversity Fatigue’…Who’s Tired?

No Time for Diversity Fatigue…Who’s tired? Recent developments at the Supreme Court – and in lower courts and boardrooms across the nation – have cast a bit of a dark shadow over the world of supplier diversity. Those of us who are committed to creating a truly equitable business environment know that the work required … Read more

Diverse Spend as an Element of ESG Compliance

Recently, we talked about the importance of diverse spend in measuring the impact of supplier diversity. Understanding your supplier engagement and utilization numbers is mission-critical for a successful inclusive procurement strategy. As supplier diversity continues to evolve in an economically volatile, post-pandemic landscape, a strategic trend has emerged that has brought about significant change. Over … Read more

Leveraging and Analyzing Diverse Spend in Supplier Diversity

  One of the most pressing issues facing modern society – and by extension the business community – is the prodigious gap that exists between people and companies on various tiers of the American experience. Disparities exist in practically every category, rendering the pathway to success even more difficult for those who hail from traditionally … Read more