Certifiably Diverse recently gained its Advanced Tier Services Status within the AWS Partner Network. This exciting step means that we will be able to expand our services and capabilities and reach new customers. 

In September 2022, IBEX launched Certifiably Diverse, an intelligent supplier platform designed to provide our Enterprise customers with a secure, scalable, flexible, and value-based diverse supplier management solution.

Since that time, we have also been participating in the AWS Think Big for Small Business (TBSB) program, which is designed to accelerate development opportunities for small and minority public sector suppliers. With Certifiably Diverse, procurement executives will have access to a comprehensive and cost-effective solution designed for supply chains focused on Supplier Diversity, DE&I, and ESG goals.

Certifiably Diverse is one of the most comprehensive supplier management solutions in the AWS Marketplace today. The intuitive suite of software is scalable and user-friendly, offering a simplified database interface, advanced supplier sourcing and vetting applications, diverse certification tracking and management features, a complete set of internal communications tools for supplier engagement, and a customizable reporting and spend tracking system that supports program analysis, reporting and compliance. 

Ultimately, this AWS partnership means we are one giant step closer to harnessing the power and possibility of inclusive work culture. Certifiably Diverse is the fastest way to impact a company’s ESG strategy, and now more people are going to be able to realize that providing measurable, scalable solutions can also impact real people and create real change. 

Media Contact:
Darrah Gist



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Certifiably Diverse Achieves Advanced Tier Services Status within the AWS Partner Network