Certifiably Diverse Capabilities

When it comes to supplier diversity programs, suppliers may often find themselves in the tedious and exhausting process of signing their companies up on numerous platforms, just to get no information or response. Indeed, this process can be very time-consuming, which is why there are systems that can make life much easier for suppliers and provide real value, such as our very own system, Certifiably Diverse- the smartest way to communicate, collaborate and network with diverse suppliers.

Certifiably Diverse is a cloud-based supplier diversity management software system designed to provide our customers with a secure, scalable, flexible, and value-based solution to help you meet your supplier diversity goals and make an economic impact. At the core of the Certifiably Diverse platform is the supplier hub, a single source that intelligently gives customers the following benefits:

Supplier Diversity CRM System

  • Tradeshow lead management & follow-up
  • Easy-to-use portal to manage any size supplier diversity program

Marketing & Communications

  • Increased communication with diverse suppliers and diversity managers
  • Effective connections and collaborations powered by messaging

Supplier Access

  • Bridge the gap between your buyers and diverse suppliers
  • Increase diverse supplier spend

Real-Time Reporting

  • Set – measure – monitor & meet your supplier diversity goals
  • One-touch smart filter reports & detailed reporting capabilities

Certification Compliance

  • Keep track of your certified diverse suppliers and stay in Government Compliance

With such range in powerful modules, comes great analysis, expertise, and management of supplier diversity operations – all qualifications that Certifiably Diverse embodies within every engagement. This software was designed with the intention to shape the future of inclusivity amongst enterprise size businesses to level the playing field for diverse suppliers. Certifiably Diverse enables customers to easily focus on expanding their global economic impact, a focus for many companies who are responsibly committed to diversifying their supply chain. Whether you are trying to figure out how to stand-up your program and grow your inclusive culture, or you are ready to enhance your existing program, Certifiably Diverse is the smartest solution.

Listed below are detailed overviews of the different processes that our Certifiably Diverse team undergoes to produce smart products, focused on solving complex challenges.

IBEX Core Management Systems

 Let our strategic development solutions drive your process improvement. Convert your cost center into profit centers.

  • Supplier Management System
  • Certification Management System
  • Custom Software System Development & Design

 Agile Design Thinking

  • Our team nurtures a culture that intersects Design Thinking for creative innovations and user experiences with Business Process Management to systematically deliver successful outcomes.

Software Development Lifecycle

IBEX developers are a team of trusted and inspired experts vested in ensuring the release of high-quality product, infrastructure, and on-time delivery.

  • Requirement Gathering & Analysis
  • System Analysis
  • System Design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Implementation

 The IBEX Partners Ecosystem Delivers Enterprise Scale Success

  • Access Team Readiness
  • Strategize Process & Transformations
  • Train Development Teams & Managers
  • Document Agile Practices & Methods
  • Position Staff & Resources
  • Implementation & Evaluation

Certifiably Diverse builds trusted collaborative partnerships. To say the least, inclusivity is of the essence. Let Certifiably Diverse expand your business, help conquer complex business challenges, and harness the power of results with optimized intelligence. Be Certifiably Diverse!

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