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As an enterprise looking to build an inclusive and diverse workspace, it is important to understand the concept of diversity in business and why it is important to your success and to the betterment of society as a whole. If you are looking to make your business more diverse and inclusive through working with diverse suppliers and individuals, there are a few key concepts to understand. These include what is a diverse supplier, why are diverse suppliers and individuals important to your business, and what is DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion).

Three Key Concepts of Diversity In Business:

  • What is a diverse supplier – The first thought that comes to mind for many when they hear the term “diversity” is diverse ethnicity. Ethnic diversity is an element that could constitute a diverse supplier, but diversity is an umbrella term that includes many different socioeconomic differences. Diversity includes different religions, the LGBTQ+ community, veterans, disabled veterans, women owned businesses, as well as individuals with disabilities. An example of a diverse supplier would be a small business that is owned and operated by members of one of these communities, who is a certified diverse supplier that provides a good or service you need for your enterprise. 
  • Why are diverse suppliers and individuals important to your company – Working with diverse suppliers and individuals is important for many reasons. One primary reason it is important to build a diverse team in the workplace is because this fosters a more creative and inclusive work environment. Working together with individuals from different backgrounds, each with a unique perspective gives you the ability to create solutions and come up with innovative ideas that would not be achieved in a workplace that does not incorporate a wide scope of diverse outlooks. Secondly, it is important to work with diverse suppliers as it creates a positive impact on these communities and society as a whole. As an enterprise that chooses to work with diverse suppliers, you are providing opportunities to communities that will give them the means to achieve equity and stability in business and in their personal lives. This also sets an example to other enterprises and encourages diverse collaboration that works to build inclusion in both business and our society. 
  • What is DEI and how is it achieved – DEI stands for diversity, equity and inclusion. This is a concept of diversity that demonstrates how to achieve true inclusion and become stronger as a diverse community. Diversifying your business and supplier chain is just the first step. True DEI is achieved when the playing ground is level for people of all walks of life to work together and be valued equally for their talents and abilities. This is not simply including diverse suppliers or individuals on the fringe, but fully enveloping them into your business in a space where everyone is comfortable and working towards success as a unit. 

How Can You Diversify Your Enterprise and Better Understand The Concept of Diversity In Business?

If you are looking to achieve DEI in your business, supplier diversity management software will be a huge asset. This will put all the tools you need to find certified diverse suppliers and individuals at your fingertips. When you work with Certifably Diverse you simply create an account and are able to begin searching our ever-growing database of diverse suppliers to find exactly what you need. You will be able to search by business type, diversity status, NAICS codes, certifications, and more to find the best match for your business. To learn more about this innovative supplier diversity management software contact Certifiably Diverse here to speak with a member of our team and schedule a demo today!




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Concept of Diversity In Business – What Is A Diverse Supplier & Why Are They Important?