Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not only important for fostering a safe, productive, and creative work environment, but according to recent research, it is vital for success. In addition to having several positive impacts on your business, diversity and inclusion in the workplace as well as in your supplier base also positively impacts our society. 

So how does diversity and inclusion in the workplace help drive success? According to an article by  Forbes magazine in 2020, titled8 Reasons Why Diversity And Inclusion Are Essential To Business Success”, implementing diversity, inclusion, and equity in business helps to drive productivity, creativity, and create an overall happy and safe work environment. By embracing diversity in your business, you will see a wider range of skills, perspective, thought, and experience that allows for more creative ideas to form. This creates a strong team of diverse individuals who are equally respected and heard, who can work together, each bringing their unique strengths and talents to the table to work towards your goals on a united front. 

Working with diverse suppliers and individuals in your business practice not only drives success on the corporate level, but it also benefits each community your suppliers and employees are part of. When you choose to work with a diverse supplier or individuals from diverse communities, the opportunities and success they achieve benefits their communities as a whole. This growth that is fostered within these communities benefits our society by promoting growth, inclusion, and equity. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is the first step in a chain reaction that benefits all parties involved and promotes success on a large scale. 

If you are interested in learning how you can build a vetted database of diverse suppliers and individuals to work with in your business, Certifiably Diverse can help!

How Does Certifiably Diverse Help Achieve Diversity and Inclusion in The Workplace?

Certifiably Diverse is offers supplier diversity management software designed to help you find certified, vetted, diverse suppliers to work with. This software serves as an all-in-one database that will allow you to easily search for and find the best fit for your business in a large, ever-growing pool of skilled, diverse suppliers. Some benefits of Certifiably Diverse software include:

  • Real time messaging and email applications,
  • Refined search tools to search by location, certifications, diversity status, NAICS codes, and much more,
  • Intuitive, user friendly profile management tools, and
  • A well vetted, large database of diverse suppliers and individual consultants.

Want To Learn More About Supplier Diversity Management Software?

If you are looking to achieve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Certifiably Diverse can provide you with tools you need to do just that. Visit us here to get started or request a software demo!



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What Are The Positive Impacts of Diversity and Inclusion In The Workplace?