Diversity Management Software

What is diversity management software? Supplier diversity management software is used to help large enterprises find qualified diverse suppliers on an easy-to-use, well-vetted, virtual platform. The Certifiably Diverse software is a major asset to any business looking to add diversity to their list of suppliers and in the workplace. This ever-growing database gives you all the tools you need to search for suppliers by setting search parameters like location, industry, NAICS codes, certifications, diversity status, and so much more. This software also has built-in tools that allow you to easily view suppliers’ certification documents and communicate through real-time messaging, and integrated email applications.    

How can your business benefit from diversity? In recent years, diversity in business has been well studied, and documented by publications such as Forbes Magazine. The consensus of these studies is that diversity in the workplace and supply chain promotes long-term business success, as it brings in fresh perspectives and diversified ideas that could not be accomplished otherwise. And on a larger scale, working with diverse individuals and suppliers benefits the communities they come from, benefiting our society as a whole. If you are looking for easy-to-use supplier diversity management software that will help your business grow and make a meaningful contribution to diverse communities, Certifiably Diverse can help.

Benefits Of Working With Certifiably Diverse 

  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Easy Profile Set Up & Multi-User Management
  • Ever Growing Database of Vetted Diverse Suppliers and Individuals
  • Real-Time Communication With Prospective Suppliers and Hires 
  • Free Demo To Learn More About How Certifiably Diverse Can Help You 

What Is Diversity Management Software & How Can You Get Started?

Supplier diversity management software is your key to effectively diversifying your supplier list and workspace to create a more inclusive and successful business. Visit Certifiably Diverse here to schedule a free software demo and get started!




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What Is Diversity Management Software & How Can It Benefit Your Business