Embracing Diversity

Embracing diversity and connecting with large enterprises looking for diverse suppliers and services is a great way to build your brand’s reputation and establish meaningful networking connections as a certified diverse supplier.  Many large corporations and enterprises are looking to establish DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in their workplace and supply chain by working with certified diverse supplies. Diverse suppliers can include businesses that are owned by women, members of the LQBTQ+ community, people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. If you are a certified diverse supplier or individual that is looking to market your products, skills, and services to a large database of enterprises who are specifically looking to diversify, then supplier diversity management software will be a major asset to you. 

What is supplier diversity management software? Supplier diversity management software gives you all the tools you need to market yourself to an ever-growing database of corporations looking for diverse suppliers just like you. You are able to include your certifications, business type, branding, services, and information to convey who you are to potential employers and clients. The supplier diversity management software from Certifiably Diverse makes it possible to share your services and mission in a manner where you will be connected with a huge database of enterprises without having to create and keep track of multiple accounts. This software makes networking, communication, certificate management, and establishing yourself as a trusted diverse business easy. Certifiably Diverse celebrates embracing diversity in a space that provides opportunity and paves the way for success in your business and community as a whole. 

Benefits Of Certifiably Diverse’s Supplier Diversity Management Software For Suppliers

  • Free Account SetUp – Setting up a business profile with Certifiably Diverse is absolutely free for suppliers. This means after answering a few questions and inputting your company info, you can begin networking with major corporations looking to work with certified diverse suppliers just like you. 
  • Brand Specific Marketing – Certifiably Diverse makes it easy for you to include all of your brand specific colors, logos, verbiage, and more to accurately represent who you are and what you do. 
  • Easy Communication – This supplier diversity management software also has real time messaging and easy email applications to make interacting and staying in contact with enterprises easy!
  • Team Management Access – If you have multiple people on your team who will need access to your business profile on Certifiably Diverse, you can easily allow access to multiple users with different levels of access. This makes managing your account and keeping up with correspondence hassle free.
  • Certification Renewal Reminders – Another major benefit of this software is being able to input your certifications to demonstrate your diversity status. Certifiably Diverse will register this information so it is easily accessible to clients and employers, as well as send you renewal notifications as expiration dates come up. 

Want To Learn More About Embracing Diversity And Growing Your Business With Certifiably Diverse?

If you are a supplier looking for an easy and effective way to market yourself to large corporations and make meaningful connections, Certifiably Diverse is here to help. Getting started with Certifiably Diverse is easy! Visit us here to learn more about Certifiably Diverse and begin building your supplier profile and making connections!



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Embracing Diversity – How can Diverse Suppliers Engage with Enterprises?