IBEX Launches Certifiably Diverse, A Supplier Diversity Management Solution

In the world of IT and corporate relations, it can be difficult to find an easy-to-use supplier diversity management system that complements and strengthens supplier diversity programs. However, such systems do exist and are dedicated to fulfilling your company’s needs. If you’re currently in need of an effective supplier diversity management system that aims to improve supplier diversity programs, no need to look any further.  IBEX has all that you need in store with Certifiably Diverse -the smartest way to empoweroptimize and innovate any-size supplier diversity program.

Certifiably Diverse is an intuitively user-friendly platform that gives companies and healthcare providers a scalable system to effectively initiate and manage an effective supplier diversity program, created by Tracey Grace, IBEX’s President and CEO. Grace originally created Certifiably Diverse for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) to improve its supplier diversity program. Yet, Grace recently decided to extend the system and diversity consulting services to all. Certifiably Diverse is now being launched to the open market to help organizations of all sizes connect with, and increase spend with, diverse suppliers. In a recent Forbes article she stated,

What truly makes us different, though, is that Certifiably Diverse is designed to work for enterprise companies as well as promote small, diverse vendors, not just one or the other. It’s a system for improving the state of things, not just maintaining the status quo.”

From administration and tracking to management and reporting; Certifiably Diverse is flexible and configured to meet your needs for a technologically enhanced supplier diversity system that demonstrates your commitment to supplier diversity. No matter what size or industry your Supplier Diversity program is, we can assist, manage, and launch an effective and optimized version of it.


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