IBEX IT Business Experts (IBEX) is an award-winning Professional Services firm specializing in Training, Certification, Learning & Development, Consulting, Support Services & IT Solutions. Last Fall, IBEX launched Certifiably Diverse, an intelligent supplier platform designed to provide our Enterprise customers with a secure, scalable, flexible, and value-based diverse supplier management solution. For diverse suppliers and their small businesses, this platform levels the playing field and creates opportunities for growth.

Why does this matter? Diverse suppliers may include business owners and individuals of different ethnicities, cultures, the LGBTQ+ community, veterans, people with varying physical abilities and more. Our unique marketplace empowers small business development, while also allowing suppliers to discover, build and transform contacts through allyship. It easily connects meaningful business relationships that will convert clients and customers to support small business sustainability. 

Not only will working with a diverse network of suppliers and individuals give a business more depth and perspective, it allows a company to add variety to product offerings and services that may better cater to or speak to communities outside of their current demographic.

The Digital Equity Act of 2021 Program aims to improve access to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet service for everyone in the United States. There is a clear link between digital inequities and a lack of business opportunities. When looking at the opportunities available for minority suppliers and small businesses, these suppliers are at a disadvantage without basic internet access. 

Certifiably Diverse looks forward to being a part of the body of organizations that is providing solutions for all. 



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