Building a Better Restaurant

At HonorBuilt, we deliver a different kind of deployment, honed by years of experience assisting with the growth of some of the nation’s most successful and fastest growing QSR brands. We get the job done right the first time no matter what, navigating never-ending change along the way. Our commitment isn’t just about building a better deployment experience—it’s about helping you build your brand with confidence.

New Restaurant Openings

As the trusted partner in QSR and fast casual, we open new restaurants and remodel existing ones with skill, resolve and speed. With more than 1500 restaurant openings under our belt, we have the only team in the nation solely focused on these complex, high-visibility projects.

Field Rollout Services

Imagine the smoothest and most hassle-free technology rollout ever. That’s our goal. With HonorBuilt on your team, you can modernize your restaurants and accomplish your goals. Together, we can execute with confidence and scale to prepare for what’s now–and what’s next.

Technology Support

Your restaurant staff will love the friendly, highly available HonorBuilt contact center. Our 24/7 operation is experienced in the full range of restaurant technology and systems. And when an issue arises that needs an on-site evaluation, we’ll dispatch a technician to your location—today.