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If you are looking to diversify your supplier list, make your practice more inclusive, and better connect with a broader more diverse audience, getting started with a supplier diversity database like certifiably diverse will greatly help you!

What is a supplier diversity database? A supplier diversity database is a list of available diverse businesses that supply goods and services to enterprises. 

What does supplier diversity mean? The concept of supplier diversity in business has become more and more prevalent over the years. Statistics show that working with diverse suppliers and individuals leads to more creative ideas and products born out of diverse perspectives and experiences. Diverse suppliers may include business owners and individuals of different ethnicities, cultures, the LGBTQ+ community, veterans, people who possess different physical abilities, and more.

How can supplier diversity benefit your business? Not only will working with a diverse network of suppliers and individuals give your business more depth and perspective, but it will also allow you to add variety to your products and services that may better cater to or speak to communities outside of your current demographic.  

Benefits of Certifiably Diverse’ Supplier Diversity Database:

  • Constantly Growing – Our Database of well-vetted, certified, diverse suppliers is vast and ever-growing.
  • User Friendly – You can easily search and navigate the software using user-friendly search parameters including location, diversity status, industry, NAICS codes, and more to find the best-matched suppliers for your business.
  • Stay Connected – Communicating and making meaningful connections is easy through our real-time messaging features, email integration, and pop-up notification so you never miss out on an opportunity.

Want To Learn How To Grow and Diversify Your Business?

If you are looking to diversify your supplier list and grow your business with a cutting-edge supplier diversity database, contact Certifiably Diverse here! Call or visit us today to schedule a free demo and get started!




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What is A Supplier Diversity Database – How Can It Benefit Your Business