Supplier Diversity Database

A supplier diversity database is a great resource to any enterprise looking to diversify its supply chain or hire a diverse team of individuals to bring their skills and perspective into the workplace. So what is a supplier diversity database? This is software that allows you to easily search for certified diverse suppliers that have been vetted and offer quality services and products to meet your needs. Diversity is vital to the success of a business. Diversity, inclusion, and equity in business set you up for success by incorporating the ideas and perspectives of people from all walks of life, resulting in a creative and productive team that oftentimes makes the difference between good and brilliant. Diversity in the workplace and in your supply chain also positively impacts our society as a whole through economic enablement. Working with diverse suppliers not only provides work and stability to the communities they come from but also demonstrates to other corporations the importance of diversifying their businesses. If you are interested in using supplier diversity management software to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion in your business, Certifiably Diverse can help.

Benefits of the Certifiably Diverse Software:

  • Find The Best Supplier Matches For Your Needs – It is easy to search our supplier diversity database using a variety of search parameters. This includes specific diversity status, industry, NAICS codes, certifications, location, and much more. Certifiably Diverse gives you all the tools you need to find the best match for your business in our ever-growing database of vetted, diverse suppliers. 
  • Easy Communication and Certification Checks – This software makes communication with suppliers and validating certification status easy. Each supplier’s profile is easy to review and navigate so you can view their certificates and learn about who they are. And the real-time messaging and email management applications make staying in touch effortless.
  • One-Stop-Shop – The Certifiably Diverse supplier diversity management software makes it possible to create one account and have all the tools you need to find quality suppliers in one place. This eliminates the need to invest in multiple platforms to identify certified diverse suppliers. It also allows your team to have visibility of diversity efforts for easy collaboration with compliance and reporting teams. This makes year-end snapshots more accurate and supports internal efficiencies. 

Ready to Get Started with The Certifiably Diverse Supplier Diversity Database? 

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