supplier diversity

Supplier diversity is essential to the success of major brands and large enterprises for many reasons. Supplier diversity paves the way for products and ideas to be introduced to your business that is influenced by a rich variety of different perspectives and backgrounds. The inclusion of diverse suppliers and individuals adds depth to your business and results in outcomes that would otherwise not be achieved without the work and experience of your diverse collaborators. Not only will diversifying your supplier list and workforce benefit your company, but diversity also benefits our society on a larger scale. By providing opportunities to highly qualified diverse suppliers and individuals, the communities they come from will also benefit. And by working to achieve true diversity within your corporations, you will create an inclusive and welcoming workplace and set an example for other enterprises looking to diversify. If you need help finding well-vetted, certified diverse suppliers to work with, Certifiably Diverse can help!

Benefits of Working With Certifiably Diverse:

  • Certifiably Diverse provides you with a user-friendly database of certified diverse suppliers that match your specific needs. You can refine your search using specific parameters to find the best match in your field. This includes:
    • NAICS Codes 
    • Diversity Status 
    • Industry
    • Location 
    • Certifications 
    • Experience
    • And Much  More!
  • The Certifiably Diverse supplier management software makes it easy to communicate and establish meaningful networking connections with qualified diverse suppliers by providing all the tools you need, including:
    • Real-Time Messaging Tools 
    • Certification Checks 
    • Supplier Reviews
    • E-mail integration applications 
    • Pop Up Notifications – to keep you up to date and on task
    • User-friendly search tools
    • Access to an ever-growing database of well-vetted, certified, diverse suppliers and individuals. 

Want To Learn More About Supplier Diversity Management Software?

Working with a well-vetted supplier database will give you everything you need to find the best, most qualified diverse suppliers to fit your needs. Everything you need will be in one user-friendly space where you can search, connect, and grow your business through the incorporation of supplier diversity. Contact Certifiably Diverse here to schedule a free demo and learn how your business can benefit from supplier diversity!



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How Can Supplier Diversity Benefit Your Business?