What is a Supplier Diversity Database? – How it Can Benefit Your Business

If you are looking to diversify your supplier list, make your practice more inclusive, and better connect with a broader more diverse audience, getting started with a supplier diversity database like Certifiably Diverse will greatly help you! What is a Supplier Diversity Database? A supplier diversity database is a list of available diverse businesses that … Read more

Improve the Chances of Your LGBT Business Standing Out with an LGBTBE Certification

Supplier Diversity includes all minority groups and grants underrepresented LGBT suppliers the opportunity to make a lasting difference and to deliver upon their community’s needs. Yet, the efficiency of their minority-owned businesses can truly be maximized with a certification set in stone. Certifications validate a business’s capacity, competency, and positions the business to generate more … Read more

What Is Inclusion & Why Is It Important For Long Term Success In Business

what is inclusion

What is inclusion in the corporate world? Inclusion is achieved in the corporate world when diverse individuals and suppliers are not only brought into your business but become fully enveloped into your practice and an integral part of the machine that is your enterprise. If you are looking to begin diversifying your supplier list and … Read more